Chili Soccer Association Travel

 Chili Soccer Association
Travel Program Policies and Guidelines
Updated: July 2017
The purpose of the CSA Association ("CSA") Travel Program is to identify and develop soccer players aged 8 - 19 years old, who demonstrate the self-motivation, enthusiasm and the potential to play soccer at an advanced level. Emphasis shall be placed on developing players in a way that promotes fundamental soccer skill development, character development, teamwork and good sportsmanship. The CSA will also promote training and development for volunteers interested in coaching soccer at an advanced level.
Underage Player Policy (Age Appropriate Play): 
CSA believes that most players will develop better at their birth year age appropriate level. The need to minimize underage players helps to create stronger athletes and teams at all levels.
The following underage player allowances must be adhered to unless an exception has been authorized by CSA board vote:

• All U8 Travel teams cannot carry any underage players. (No Exceptions per RYDSL)

• All U9 – U19 Travel Teams may carry a MAXIMUM of (3) underage players, if and only if the following parameters have been met by the Head Coach of that team:

1) Coach Evaluates player(s) as being in top half of their team and produces documentation of their evaluation comparing said player(s) to rest of the selected players on the team.

2) Coach requests independent Evaluators (i.e. Director of Coaching, Travel Director, etc) to be present at their tryouts and their documented evaluation shows similiar detail to number one above.

3) Request(s) need to be made yearly thru the Travel Director and Director of Coaching. Underage player(s) from previous year are not exempt from yearly comparison evaluation. 

CSA will not review or approve any exceptions to this policy unless it can be shown that without doing so, a team's existence within the club is in danger of not surviving. Even then, numbers one, two, and three above will still apply. 

All practice players accepted by a team must be registered with Chili Soccer for insurance coverage.

Coaching Policies/Expectations:
Coaches set a powerful example, and the CSA would like that example to be a positive one. Once you are approved as a Head Coach, you will be asked to adhere to the following policies and expectations:
1. Act as a positive role model for the players of the CSA.
2. Attend all of the Coaches Clinics that are conducted or endorsed by the Director of Coaching.
3. Set, by example, high standards for coaches and players, opposing coaches and players and referees and game officials.
4. Be aware of and adhere to all RDYSL rules.
5. Present a professional appearance, by wearing CSA shirts to all scrimmages, games and tournaments.
6. Work on player/team development and performance to ensure that our teams can perform competitively.
7. Ensure that all required forms, fees and equipment are picked up and/or turned in on the requested dates and times.
8. Conduct weekly training session during the indoor season. During the outdoor season, a minimum of two (2) sessions will be conducted, which may include tournaments and league games.
9. Attend all scheduled practices, scrimmages, games and tournaments. If the Head Coach is unable to attend, an Assistant Coach and/or team manager will serve as a suitable replacement.
10. As a coach, take full responsibility for your actions, the actions of your players, and the actions of the parents associated with the team and club at all soccer related events.
11. Ensure that all Assistant Coaches and Managers are fully aware of and agree to comply with the guidelines that are set above.
12. Ensure that all assistant coaches & managers are aware of and comply with the rule against active recruiting between teams.
If a Head Coach should fail to comply with any of the coaching policies or expectations, the following measure will be taken.
First Offense: Coach will receive a verbal warning from the Travel Director.
Second Offense: Coach will receive a written warning from the Travel Director.
Third Offense: Depending on the severity of the offense, the Travel Director will recommend that the coach be removed from the position and a suitable candidate fills the position. This infraction and recourse will be discussed with the CSA Board.
Requests for Additional Travel Teams (2nd Team Policy):

CSA’s philosophy for our travel soccer program is to field the strongest, most competitive teams feasible. Teams will be comprised of players within Chili or surrounding areas. CSA will attempt to furnish a travel team at all age levels (U8-U19) for both boys and girls.

In the event that there is a need or desire to add an additional travel team to an age group/gender, that already has a team present, the following New Team criteria must be met:

· New team must have enough travel quality players to roster a strong team.

· New team would have a qualified coach, approved by the CSA Board of Directors.

· New coach must abide by all CSA Association travel policies and guidelines.

· All potential players must be age appropriate, or within the Underage Player Policies. All exceptions shall be approved by the CSA Board by majority vote as described under the Club’s Discretion section of these guidelines.

· Potential players CANNOT be recruited from other established Chili travel teams.

· Both coaches in the age group must actively communicate and make decisions collectively that promoted the best options for the players and teams involved.

· The CSA Board of Directors must approve the addition of a new team. Coach, players and indoor space capacity all taken into consideration.

· The new team must be competitive within the division it is placed. The Board will routinely review the team’s progress throughout the season.

Multiple teams in any given age group, once formed, will still be subjected to open tryouts each year. For age groups with multiple teams, the CSA board will appoint the 1st team coach and the 2nd team coach prior to tryouts. After the 1st team coach selects his or her team at open tryouts, the 2nd team coach will then select their team. The 2 club coaches will work together during this process.

Travel Tryout Process:
The CSA attempts to put structure around the tryout process. A set timeframe and consistent guidelines allows the Club to manage the program better, input to the league faster, and assist in decision-making.
Wherever possible, Travel tryouts for the following season will be held and completed by August of the current year for the following season.
The Travel Director will provide each team with a tryout schedule. Please feel free to negotiate other dates or times if your slot is not convenient. Registration by December 31st is required for all travel players who participated in tryouts and are currently on a Chili roster. This is not only for insurance purposes but also to ensure the players commitment to the team.
NO travel player, under any circumstances, may participate in any indoor or outdoor activity, game or practice, without the mandatory NY State West Insurance. This insurance coverage is available once your registration is received and inputted to the NYSWYSA website.
Team Selection Guidelines:
The Travel Program will field teams that will be competitive against other teams within the Rochester District Youth Soccer League (RDYSL). Each travel coach is responsible for selecting the players for his/her team. While selecting your team, please keep these points in mind:
1. Clear communication as to where/when tryouts will be held. If advertising is required, please contact the Travel Director. You will not be reimbursed for advertising costs unless your advertisements are approved by the Travel Director.
2. If an age group has more than one team, the players can play on either team. However, it is in the best interest of the player and Club for the child to play at his/her highest level. CSA, therefore, expects a dialog among the parents, coaches and player as to which team would be best for that player.
3. There is absolutely no poaching from other CSA teams. This means that a player cannot be approached; parents cannot be approached if they are already on a CSA team, or have committed to trying out for a CSA team.
4. Clear communication on YOUR expectations during tryouts, both verbal and written. For example: minimum attendance required at tryouts, punctuality, date team will be selected, etc.
5. Decide and clearly communicate how you intend to notify the players of cuts. Sample letters are available upon request. We recommend that if you choose to cut a player who has already been on your team, that an extra effort be made to contact that player in person to discuss any questions they might have.
6. Utilize the Recreation All Star Program for potential players.
7. The selection process is a difficult one. Please keep in mind that these are children.
8. All cuts should be made with the utmost respect for the individual.
9. Once final cuts are made and players have accepted their positions, players are not allowed to move to another CSA team during the season without approval from the Travel Director.
10. With respect to children and their parents, please do not:
• Offer a player a position on your team, and then change your mind
• Have multiple cuts
• Keep a player when you know they have little chance to play
• Keep a player on hold in the event someone better comes along

Premier Roster Only Players:

  • This opportunity is only available to teams participating in higher level leagues such as Thruway, GLA, Champions, etc.
  • The coach must submit a written request to the Travel Commissioner to add a player to the roster who is not currently registered with CSA
  • Requests will be reviewed and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors
  • Players are not allowed to join the CSA team’s RDYSL roster
  • Players are not allowed to join CSA indoor training sessions
  • Once fees are paid to CSA, no refunds will be issued
  • If a player receives a red card for offenses such as loss of player control, violent conduct, abusive language, etc. their pass may be revoked by CSA and they may be removed from the roster
  • The fee to CSA is $50 per player and is subject to change
  • Player is responsible for purchasing a required CSA uniform kit and paying their portion of league costs as directed by the individual’s team


U19 Fees and CSA Board Approval
      U19 Registration Fee

  1. U19 Teams pay full registration fee
  2. CSA retains the right to “pull passes” for repeated conduct that is not in line with CSA or RDYSL player conduct rules
    1. If this happens at any point in the season, no part of the annual registration fee will be reimbursed for the player in question

U19 CSA Board Approval Steps

  1. Aug Board Meeting:  U19 Coach officially applies to the board to have a team
    1. If approved, Coach has the responsibility to turn in team roster before Sept Board meeting
  2. Sept Board Meeting:  Vote on the permission to proceed with a U19 team based on roster size, team conduct history, coach conduct history
    1. If approved, Coach has the responsibility to ensure a minimum of 16 players are Registered (Tryout Registration - $10) prior to Oct Board meeting
  3. Oct Board Meeting:  Status check of U19 Registration and vote requiring no less than 16 Registered players for U19 rosters
    1. If approved, Registration emails are sent to U19 roster
  4. Jan Board Meeting:  Status check on fulfillment of Registration installment #1
    1. No less than 16 Registered players must have paid their first installment
    2. If this is not satisfied, U19 team will not be allowed to register for upcoming RDYSL season
Refund Policy:
All requests for refunds must be in writing and directed to the Travel Director. No refunds are processed once the Travel Program registration closes on December 31st.
League Fines:
The CSA will only be responsible for the fines that were outside of the control of the players or coach, such as field conditions.
However, game report errors, accumulated yellow card fines, red card fines, coach behavior fines, or spectator fines are the responsibility of the team’s coach and players. The Travel Director will monitor team fines and inform the board of timely team payment paid directly to RYDSL. Teams that do not pay for fines may be subject to disciplinary action by CSA.
Coaches Reimbursement:
Coaches are encouraged to further their training and development through coaches’ clinics and licensing.
1. CSA will reimburse coaches who have completed the NYSWYSA "E" certificate course. The maximum is $100.00 per coach, per year.
2. Coaches, who wish to participate in the "D" License certification, must submit a request of reimbursement to the Travel Director prior to the start of the course. At this time, CSA only has funding for Head Coaches.
Team Equipment:
Each year, CSA takes inventory of equipment and places new orders when appropriate. If a team is in need of equipment, please contact the Director of Equipment by November 1, of the prior season, to place your team order. Game balls, cones, flags, and first-aid kits are the general supplies provided. If you require additional equipment such as pinnies, goalie jerseys, which are not provided by the Club, you will need to submit a request to the Director of Equipment.

Indoor Practice Time:

An officer of CSA will negotiate indoor time for all the Travel teams. We will try to arrange indoor time that is convenient for all the teams; however, it may not be possible. Indoor time will be scheduled and purchased in September. Most teams will have access to indoor time in November.

Outdoor Practice Time:
Spring/Fall - Fields will be available for tryouts and practice during the fall and spring. Contact the Field Coordinator to request practice dates. Please do not hold practices on any Chili field without the advance approval from the Travel Director or Field Coordinator.
Season - Based on field availability, you may request additional practice time on fields from the Field Coordinator. All CSA fields are owned and maintained by other organizations. We must show respect for their property and their rules. When fields are closed, it is due to a direct request from the owners and will be supported by all members of CSA.
Risk Management:
All coaches, referees, volunteers, team managers and Board Members must submit a NY State West Risk Management Disclosure Statement. These forms are mandatory and must be updated every (2) two years. You cannot coach or manage a team without completing this statement. These forms are submitted to the Registrar and then submitted to NYSWYSA. Once the statement has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a confirmation number from NYSWYSA that will be maintained in our CSA database.
Miscellaneous Policies:
1. The Travel Director can recommend exceptions to these policies through the CSA Board of Directors. Please contact the Commission with any issues or concern with regard to these policies.
2. Chili Travel players are not eligible to participate in recreational soccer (House Programs, Hot Dog Tournament, Select Program, Select Tournament ).
3. Serious violations of the CSA Code of Conduct or FIFA rules may result in disciplinary actions by CSA. All violations should be reported to the Travel Director immediately.
4. All travel teams are required to participate in the CSA Travel Tournament. Additionally, all teams are required to provide the required number of volunteers, in order to run the tournament.
5. All travel teams are encouraged to provide a representative to serve on the Travel Committee. The Travel Director with the support and approval from the travel coaches and the CSA Board of Directors establish these policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines are reviewed before the beginning of each new Soccer season and revised when applicable.
The CSA Board of Directors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or adjust these policies if it is determined that the policy was not set appropriately or that changes are needed due to developments during the season.