Chili Soccer is a

Chili Soccer is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, dependent on active parent participation.  We are thankful for those who have volunteered in the past and are looking for additional people for the upcoming season.  We are always looking for coaches, Board Members, Committee members, team parents, team sponsors, and people interested in occasionally helping in weekend tournaments for short periods of time.

Board Members:    
A member of the Board is a dedicated person who must be willing to attend at least one meeting a month (usually the 2nd Tuesday), participate on at least one committee, and assist in other activities.  This is the means for people who have good ideas and skills to provide a positive influence to the program.

Division Directors:    
These responsible people act as the liaison between the Commissioners of House and Tykes and the coaches.  The Division Director for each age division is involved in setting up the teams, keeping the division standings and keeping the lines of communication open between the Board and teams.

Coaches:    Coaching clinics and licensing programs are available before the season starts for all interested coaches and potential coaches.  Coaches in good standing with a coaching license will tend to be given priority in selecting team coaches.  All coaches are subject to Board approval.

No previous experience is necessary. Contact the Commissioner of Tykes.

No previous experience is necessary, but helpful at older age divisions.  If you are good with children and love to learn, please volunteer to coach a team by contacting the Commissioner of House.

Coaches selection process begins in June/July for the following season.  Resumes and interview process is required for new coaches.  Potential Coaches must send a letter, including qualifications, credentials and experience, to Chili Soccer Association, attention Commissioner of Travel.

Team Parent/Manager:    
Helps the coach by coordinating parent participation (snacks schedules, telephone contacts and concessions shifts at tournaments).

Only certified referees in good standing may be assigned to CSA soccer games.  Assignments are commensurate with age and ability.  There is a cost associated with referee certification that is determined by the USSF Referees Unit and has been approximately $50.00 in the past.  There is a clinic offered to anyone 14 years and older to become a referee.  Please contact the Director of Coaching and Development for more information on clinics.  Referees are self-employed and are paid under contract agreement with the USSF.

Sponsorship is a very necessary program to keep soccer for all children. If you choose to be a sponsor, your name will be advertised on individual uniforms.  If you wish to sponsor the team your child plays on, be sure to indicate it on the player’s registration form. Sponsorship needs to be known by the end of February. Sponsorship rates for the upcoming season are:
  • Travel Team    $200.00
  • House Team    $175.00
  • Tykes Team    $100.00
  • Field sign (tournament)   $75
  • Website           $25
Tournaments:    In addition to hosting the Travel and House tournaments, Chili teams participate in various tournaments throughout the season. Our in-house tournaments are fund-raisers for CSA.  Teams participating in the Chili tournaments require parents participation of approximately 1-3 hours per family.