Travel Program

 Ages 8 - 19

To be an enhanced program for players with the commitment and ability to play at a peak level of competition. This program requires a greater time and financial commitment. Travel includes league play and tournament play. This can fill several weekends throughout the summer. Parents are responsible for individual expenses plus tournament entry fees.
Play dates:
Indoor practices available November – March. Outdoor games/practices (2x per week)
during April – July.
Player is responsible for supplying their own shin guards, sneakers or cleats (styles and colors unlimited). Player uniforms, including home jerseys, away jerseys, shorts and socks, ordered through, are also the responsibility of the player.  Uniform styles and colors are dictated by CSA.  

Travel Registration

The process begins, for the following season of play, on the Saturday of the last weekend in July with the first Team tryout. Each player is expected to pay a tryout fee of $10 upon tryout registration which insures the player in case of injury. The tryout period normally runs through the end of August and is at the coach’s discretion. Upon acceptance onto the team, the player is expected to register for Chili Soccer by November 1st. Registration payment(s) must be complete by December 31st. Any player’s registration that is not paid in full will not get a player’s pass (required for game play) issued to the coach.