The purpose of the

The purpose of the CSA Association ("CSA") Travel Program is to identify and develop soccer players aged 8 - 19 years old, who demonstrate the self motivation, enthusiasm, and the potential to play soccer at an advanced level. Emphasis shall be placed on developing players in a way that promotes fundamental soccer skill development, character development, teamwork and good sportsmanship. The CSA will also promote training and development for volunteers interested in coaching soccer at an advanced level.

2022 CSA Boys Travel Teams

B2014 Royals Eric Lauricella 314-9351 Meagan Lauricella
B2013 Roger Groome 698-3276 Connie Groome
B2012 Inferno Adrianna Russell 734-7194 Brian Rumsey
B2011 Vortex Blue Michael Mortimer 716-510-1591 Jen Sanza
B2011 Vortex Yellow Kevin Callahan 506-2013 Erin Callahan
B2010 CSA Elite B2010 Roger Groome 698-3276 Philip Passafiume
B2009 Raptors Mike Murano 880-7502 Maria Dembeyiotis
B2008 CSA Elite B2008 Mark Cariola 313-4885 Kristin Vujanovic
B2007 Gunners Tony Sloan 314-1406 Victoria Sloan
B2006 CSA Elite B2006 Jamie Berardicurti 233-2168 Mike Curley
B2005 CSA Elite B2005 Randy Nasso 424-0368 Rachel Shuman