In accordance with the Mission for our Travel and Elite programs...

(To identify and develop soccer players aged 8 - 19 years old, who demonstrate the self-motivation, enthusiasm and the potential to play soccer at an advanced level. Emphasis shall be placed on DEVELOPING players in a way that promotes fundamental soccer skill development, character development, teamwork and good SPORTSMANSHIP.  CSA will also promote training and development for volunteers interested in coaching soccer at an advanced level)

... I would like to take a moment to recognize our teams that were awarded in 2017 by RDYSL and/or NYSWYSA for their accomplishments:


2017 RDYSL Sportsmanship Award Winners:

Chili Surge B2005 (Head Coach - Randy Nasso)

Chili Fury B2006 (Head Coach - Jamie Berardicurti) 

2017 RDYSL League Champions:

Chili Attack GU15 Division 1 (Head Coach - Loren Shipley) 

2017 RDYSL League Finalists:

Chili Peppers GU12 Division 1 (Head Coach - Tony Fromm) 


2017 League Finalists:

Chili F.C. B2000 National Division 1 (Head Coach -  Greg Zah)

Chili Revolution B2004 Presidents Division 2 (Head Coach - Mike Egan)

NYSW State Cup:

Chili F.C. B2000 - 3rd Place (Head Coach - Greg Zah)

Chili Revolution B2004 - 3rd Place (Head Coach - Mike Egan) 

Congratulations on behalf of the CSA Board and myself on these accomplishments above!

There are numerous other success stories and examples of player/team development over the course of the past 365 days from our club that might not get awarded, but you as coaches see and are aware of them.  

Celebrate those!  Celebrate them with the player(s), your team, and yourself as you all do a very good job at furthering the mission of CSA and making each player the best that they can be.  

Hope to get a chance to talk to all of you and/or your staffs at the Coaches Appreciation dinner this Tuesday evening:)

Jeff Vieira
CSA President